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Feb 23, - First off, this video is definitely NSFW so if you're checking this out at your you might wanna save it for later. That being said, this.

Trucker's Delight

Clearly we both like what we are hearing and seeing. He's 32 and looks 24, and Truckers Delight certainly isn't bothered by Truckers Delight age. Married, no children, with a wife who just doesn't understand his needs. We then discuss his needs.

He likes light bondage His wife will not even discuss it, and he hasn't been blown in 8 years. We pull into Truckers Delight rest stop. I go to the restroom, purchase a condom,and get water from a vending machine. We decide Truckers Delight pull over to a more remote part of the rest stop.

He puts on some taboo porn games good blues. I start unbuttoning his flannel shirt, kissing his chest virtual girlfriend flash he slides his hands up my dress. Morning Temptations part 2 nothing to impede his exploration: I'm wearing nothing but my slip, my dress, knee socks and shoes.

His hands find me wet and willing. His fingers touch my warmth, my softness Deliight sticks one then two fingers in me and begins to play with my clitoris. I have his shirt hanging open, his pants unzipped, and my hands are massaging and stroking his erection as I continue to kiss and nibble on his neck.

He directs Truckers Delight to pull off my coat and my dress, my Truckers Delight and my shoes. I sit Truckers Delight him in my lacey satin slip. He takes my socks and two tiedowns and binds me spread eagle Delignt his truck. Then he lowers his mouth to Truckers Delight vagina and begins to suck and lick while one hand continues to fondle my pussy and the other squeezes and pulls my nipples.

The web video Trucker's Delight is vulgar, profane, Delitht has been viewed Truckers Delight than three million times.

Delight Truckers

That last detail is why it's now an iPhone game. If you haven't seen Trucker's Delight and are extremely curious -- which I was after playing the game -- Google it up. I can't link to it from here because of its extreme sexual content, but just know Truckers Delight if you ever wondered what hardcore Truckeds porn would sexy erotic games Truckers Delight, Trucker's Delight answers that burning question.

Episode 1 is modeled after the first segment of the video, in which the Truckers Delight trucker blows his horn at a Truckers Delight blonde that drives next Truckeers his rig. Truckers Delight could have had one of a dozen deletion reasons. Not a good post for metafilter. I'm guessing if it hadn't gone Truckers Delight on its own you would have seen "Poster's request" as the reason this AM. The worst thing about this callout is that it will cause more people to watch the stupid eDlight.

I'm so not the target audience for this sort of thing, fucking pokemon I checked it out because of the deletion. I regret having done so. The cherry on top is the video is also a spot Delihht.

Delight Truckers

And I just Truckers Delight it is a Truckers Delight of the Seven Hentai Puzzle 2 Sins as well. That takes some effort in that short of a video. I love desjardins, she's one of my favorite members on this site. But yeeps, this video was terrible, disturbing, and uncool.

Flairs Truckers Delight on Coub

I wish I didnt surf over to MeTa and cell phone porn games it. Er, yeah, what they said too. Truckers Delight we close this thread and bury it, at least? Pretty much no, but there are rare occasions when we disappear things. This is not one of them. If SEO spammers get posts deleted we'll change all of their links to example. In this case especially, trying to talk about a thing without having the thing available for disussion Tfuckers pretty well Delighy.

That cartoon, inexplicably, didn't bother me Truckers Delight the least. I'm guessing Truckers Delight had a lot to do with the mood I was in when I saw it, Truckers Delight I just saw something so far-reaching, so far-over-the-top-idiotic that Trukers whole "offensive" Deligjt just sort of escaped Truckers Delight. I can certainly understand how people could be offended by it, but I think I may have seen what the OP was seeing: I think the deletion was absolutely called-for literally.

A lot Truckers Delight people seemed quite bothered Trickers it Truckers Delight not in a way that suggests they could use some enlightening -- I mean really, it was pretty hideous toilet humor. I think that "bad taste" and "community largely thinks it's not okay" are fine reasons for deletions. We don't have posts with links to DDelight, for instance, which is full of to most of us absurd, offensive WTF material.

If anyone who thinks this post Trcukers have been deleted has argued for why it should have been kept - on its own merits - I've missed it. Punch takes several dozen blows to the head with a chunk of cordwood and shows no effect whatsoever. Its a long time since I've seen a Punch and Judy show, but doesn't Punch usually kill his wife and then get sentenced to death for it? Yeah, the question of timing isn't one Tfuckers we're Trukcers "hey, one person recently had a bad Dellght and they might see this", it's one where there's been a tremendous amount of gangbang porn games soul-baring experience from many, Truckers Delight members of the community over the last month and a half, with a big part of those multiple discussions being Truckers Delight of revelation for folks who were not even aware that any of those awful things were Truckers Delight.

Certainly not everybody in the community is aware of that, Truckers Delight we're talking about a whole lot of people for whom this sort of thing is on their minds Truckdrs.

The timing Deljght is really only part of it, though, and I think the general notion that presentation mattered a lot here is the main problem with the post, as desjardins seems to be on board with as well, and she's made it clear that she went looking for some context herself but didn't so much find it.

So the post is just kind of a misfire, not any real crime on anyone's part, and it got flagged pretty heavily during its Truckers Delight early-morning life as I think pretty much a clear indication of the community read on that particular misfire. Everyone's WTF meters are Truckers Delight differently, but my gauge's needle was almost unwaveringly in the "trying way too hard" area.

We discuss things here -- to death, sometimes -- but we don't disappear them. That's what Truckers Delight people's occasional complaints about censorship pretty incredible, in my Trucksrs. Memory holes are never the answer. I cool porn games what's going on in this thread Truclers a Truckers Delight of several things: The result of this conflation is that we have people who clearly don't find rape funny on its face, don't find this video funny are trying to explain why the latter is Sonic Transformed 2 case, and are naturally linking the two.

Within these categories, there's so much variation in terms of degree and nature that even the distinctions I've drawn here fall apart in evee sexxxx after example. The guy being shot just Truckers Delight he starts singing The Snowman song in Cannibal: The Musical is hysterical.

Sarah Silverman makes a very funny joke and spare me the Silverman hate for now, Truckera about being raped Truckers Delight a doctor in Jesus is Magic. This video, however, fails totally. They are both similar in that PART of the anxiety we feel is not sympathetic to the rape but actual anxiety as an audience member Truckers Delight exposed to the joke. We've all Drlight it before. We experience the anxiety of the situation, but we laugh or we cry, and context is what may make the difference.

When Sarah Silverman jokes about being raped by her Truckers Delight as a girl, she says "which is so bittersweet Truckers Delight a jewish Delighg. I have no doubt in my mind that whoever made the video above does not think Truckers Delight funny when someone gets raped.

What's one level up from NSFW? NSFA posted by lore at 9: I think there's something free adult strip games the "gee we just had a thread last week in which we learned just how Truckers Delight MeFites have been victims of rape and sexual assault" timing Truckers Delight it that makes it particularly Delighg I agree with this deletion reasoning and thank you for Truckers Delight, jessamyn, but I think that we still don't know just how many MeFites have been victims of rape and sexual assault.

We only know how many of those victims have taken the risk of sharing their story. There are lots more of us lurking in those threads who, for myriad reasons, have not yet spoken up. We have only begun to glimpse the depth of this problem.

So, I know Lionel a Truckerw bit, and I've loved that song since it first showed up Truckers Delight the Soulwax mix and he's gone and pretty well fucking ruined it for me now, so I'm not even sure what to think. Yeah, I don't think Jessamyn meant to imply we'd found an upper bound, just that this has been a Ddlight perspective-altering experience Trucker a whole lot of people in terms of the general scope—that many people whether those mostly unaffected Truckers Delight those personally affected by sexual harassment and assault are understanding better or the first time just how many other people in this community, in terms of sheer numbers and commonality of experience, have dealt Truckers Delight this sort of thing.

As Jack the lone truck driver, take control of an wheeler as you dash Games Arcade Action Entertainment No in-app purchases with 3 million+ views, TRUCKERS DELIGHT is now more than just the BEST, Suitable for, 12+ (for Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence, Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity).

As a 7 year old, I found the emotional abuse Truckers Delight psychological trauma to be so overwhelming that I couldn't watch the show, and I had a pretty easy childhood, in those areas, compared to lots of people. The little brown one hates the red one, humiliates and denigrates the red one, lashes out physically at the red one for no reason, and even systematically tortures the red one, all whilst keeping the red one emotionally dependent on himself.

And Truckers Delight that wasn't bad enough, the original, undiluted creator's vision was, without exaggeration, several orders of magnitude more offensive and less clever than that trucker cartoon. Truckers Delight

Delight Truckers

I don't think we have a duty to adjust for every extreme sensitivity in the community all the time, but I have gotten to thinking that the level of our discourse and the quality of our ability to express opposing views is not Delihgt Truckers Delight by the removal of, say, a rape joke or some racist comments. Whether we think they should or shouldn't be offended by this video, I would like to give the more serious discussion the room it needs to happen and a reasonably positive Truckers Delight Fuck Town - Pretty Guest support.


And if that means sacrificing some in-poor-taste yuks, I'm okay with that. It's up there with "I'm not [noun], but There is metafilter 3d hd sex games, because group-think is inevitable.

Among the reasons I love metafilter is Trufkers of its Delibht are aware of the group-think effect and have linked Truckers Delight studies of it. Humans conform, whether they're cops Truckers Delight gangsters, straights or hipsters, mefites or boingboingers In the case of this video Truckers Delight its deletion, I'm torn.

Delight Truckers

I would gladly have those minutes of my life returned Delighht me. On the other hand, my fondness for free speech is to the left of every moderator I've ever known, and I think people have missed the video's context, so they're Truckerss a story about a trucker raping women. Delght they're not seeing is a commentary on the sex and violence in video Truckers Delight. The trucker is a thoroughly repulsive being from start to there's no romanticizing of Truckers Delight rapist here.

He's not someone anyone wants to be Now, Truckers Delight don't think the video's successful as a parody of videogames, but Truckers Delight I've played few, I Deoight be wrong--its Truxkers might get it.

I also think shmegge's right that the videomaker hasn't thought deeply enough about depicting rape in art. I don't have the time to really get into this discussion, I'll just say "what shmeggege and hermitosis said" but add: I am NOT a squeamish person wrt disturbing humor or images. But the skin balloon yukyuk as well as the no-game-purpose eating and shitting women and the indiscriminate plowing them over with the truck made me feel a cold, hollowness inside.

Using women's bodies as comedy props that can be defiled and disposed of is scary, not funny. I appreciate the bit cuteness so much, too. It's just really misused here. Put me in the liking the date ariane porn column.

Apr 25, - The perfect game to pass trucker's delight your time heralding back coin op And I m sure they just like most men their minds wander to sex.

It's a kind of immature sort of violent sexual fantasy mixed in with a kind of even weirder shame about it that ends up just heightening the violence. I liked the oppressive tone the music added.

I liked the visual Truckers Delight, especially the descriptions of the power ups. It Truckers Delight basically what sex would be if it was a s sega videogame, which is a horrible thing to behold and weirdly Delivht.

If you think I'm reading too much into the video, hard gay sex the description on the YouTube page. I think it shows there was more thought put into it than just her her giant cocks.

I think the fact that it shows some craft in it's construction makes that even more obvious that you can't take Trufkers as something made purely for pleasure.

That said, I understand why people are upset about it and can't just ignore it. There is merit to the idea Truckers Delight these kind of bizarre urges should only be talked about in a way that seeks to eliminate them, though I don't subscribe to that.

I do admit that other works, Truckers Delight Story Truckers Delight the Eyepossibly Truckers Delight this subject in a more constructive manner, but not everything has to be so intellectualized. This isn't a bad post for Metafilter, and I'm happy that the deletion reason reflects that.

That I believe we do have community expectations, I'm croggled if I even know what they are in more than a fraction of instances. What I don't think is: The existing mods do a fine job. Simply saying Truckers Delight I believe we have communal expectations is Truckers Delight not the same thing as wanting anything to do with guiding, shaping, forming or influencing them.

What I do think is: If I have an opinion about something and further dating sim with sex by being an advocate for Truckers Delight opinion I can start a discussion that I feel needs having, and it's not appropriate to have Delighy that thread, I should create a MetaTalk discussion and download porn games for android in it as I am able to.

That's all I wanted to do. I wanted to discharge what I saw as my obligation to say "Hey, what the fuck? I'm also actually okay with other people thinking they understand my motivations better than I do. I Truckers Delight to think they're wrong, but hey Truckrs they're not.

Truckers Delight

Truckers Delight I just want to be able to publicly disagree. Some of you think I want to police the community. In fact, all I want to do Truckers Delight sex games adults an opinion.

Truckers Delight overthink this shit as Truckers Delight vocation, and I'm gonna shemale flash games go ahead and say "Bad art! I think the class Truckers Delight mostly concur that this is ill-conceived, overcooked caricature, even if its intended target of ridicule is RapeLaysay. Imitation approaching flattery, unfortunately. Graphic depiction of violence to women for humorous effect is a FAIL.

The point you make about context is a good one. But then I realized the difference: And Mark Twain was a damn sight better at letting you see what Truckers Delight subtext was than this guy is. And that's another part of the obscenity definition too -- not just "does the community get skeeved out by it", but also "is there anything else of worth in this thing to offset the skeeve to the point that we can let it stand.

The possibility exists for another, better-written work similarly poking fun at video games and similarly featuring questionable elements to be freeshemale sex online simulation game here, and that could be accepted -- because it's better written to the point that more of us understand what the subtext IS. This, however, is not that work. And thus, in the interest of keeping the peace, out it goes.

And that works for me. The casual misogyny was skeevy enough, but a better author could have incorporated even that into something that may have stayed; as it was, this was serving more to piss people off, and so it wasn't even achieving what the author wanted assuming "criticizing video game violence" is what he wanted to doso Lots of PoliticsFilter posts get deleted around election time that might otherwise have stood.

I think there's an argument to be made that any site that actually has moderators is Truckers Delight some level Truckers Delight that they have Truckers Delight that some speech restrictions are appropriate in their small Truckers Delight of the larger world.

My personal non-mod opinion play adult games that many people seem to think that the idea or concept of rape, being controversial and weighty, is a good vehicle for exploring other issues of sexuality, power, edginess and whatnot. This is very true in some sense.

Delight Truckers

However there's also a way in which lots of people use rape as a shorthand for "insert troubling imagery here" [other people do the same thing with casual racism or other "kill your idols" type of talk] sim brothel game ways that aren't particularly thoughtful or interesting and it's gotten to the point where it makes mainstream media [particularly movies, but you see it more Truckers Delight more in "edgy" tv] just seems sort of rapey.

So in a situation where you're trying to help people be less afraid and genuinely princess peaach sex Truckers Delight grapple with this sort of societal problem -- which involves a lot of difficult Truckers Delight that need to take place in somewhat safe spaces -- lots and lots of people lulzing over trucker-rape cartoons isn't really helping. This is, again, Truckers Delight personal opinion.

If people think it's creeping too far into my modly decisions, feel free to let me know. And sure there are many many ways in which MeFi "doesn't help" advance the larger issues we face in Truckers Delight world. I just think it's one way to think about the idea of context.

flairs truckers delight

I would not, and I think it's at least partly because, yeah, the depth of the psychological damage being done Delighg the Trucekrs is not long lasting. On the other hand, my fondness for free speech sex gerl and gerl sex to the left of every moderator I've ever known Every moderate?

Like cortex and jessamyn and pb and vacapinta Truckers Delight mathowie too, of breeding season 6.5.1. Free speech doesn't apply here. Metafilter isn't run by the government, and no one's got free rein to post whatever they want to the blue or ask any question on the green.

It's why metatalk exists, and it's another Truckers Delight I love metafilter. I would argue Truckers Delight you can be pretty aggressively in favor of free speech and still have a "there's a time and a place for everything" approach in smaller communities. I'm not a free speech absolutist. Truckers Delight is like being an umpire: In your place, I might've done exactly what you did.

Truckers Delight course you do, otherwise you'd wouldn't bring it up that there are communal expectations. No one posts MetaTalk threas and hangs around in them 'cause they don't care. Metafilter isn't run by the government Truckers Delight, if your concept of free speech is defined by what the government allows, let's agree to disagree.

‎Truckers Delight on the App Store

best porn visual novel I've been thinking a lot about compassion lately, and Truckers Delight think deletions can be extremely compassionate.

We all make Truckers Delight, and while the past should not be denied, it does not bestporn2018family to be paraded Truckeds. I can buy the idea that the author of the video was going for something like a dark-comedic Truxkers of the way some games tacitly legitimize violence and horror, but it feels like Truckers Delight author was Delihgt more attention to art Candy Shop - Cotton Candy and sight gags than Truckere was Truckers Delight the effectiveness of any kind Truckers Delight message that Deljght supposed to Truckere conveyed by the thing, if such a message was intended to be conveyed.

So it works much better as Truckers Delight humor than as commentary. If it was intended as shock humor, it succeeds on that front but it's not Truckers Delight success a lot of people here are that Truckers Delight by on the whole for a lot of wonder woman anal. If it was intended as meaningful commentary, it fell badly flat. I think this will clear up Truckers Delight I like this video: A woman in stripper heels and panties around her thighs being skewered Tfuckers a man's penis as they both fall to their deaths after the women was enlarged to be the same size as the earth and the man piloted an airplane through her colon?

But here is the important part: Pretty sure she's Truckers Delight the notion that free speech is enshrined in the Constitution as something the government Truckers Delight not to trample on—in opposition to the notion that such strictures would apply to non-governmental entities—and not trying to establish government-in-practice as the end-all, be-all of speech libertarians.

All group-thinky people think that. It's sort of masterful in a "Have you stopped beating your wife yet? You don't know me. I do know of you. Delibht general I've had a good Truckers Delight of you and your opinions, but I've also seen you swoop into the bullshit zone before. I've Truckers Delight wished you good luck sincerely! I hope it's not group-thinky to call shenanigans on your opinions here.

I mean I know a lot of folks disagree with you already. I don't want to be tarred with that brush when the opinion I'm expressing here to you is purely personal. You know, person-to-person, not "I saw a whole lot of people posting crappy comments on shetterly's blog and it looked fun so I piled on too.

It is no more about video games than Fuck Her Gently is about Christianity or cartoons.

Delight Truckers

Not to get too deeply into the history of cartoon violence, here, and not to claim Ren and Stimpy is any deeper than it Truckers Delight, but: Anyone who knows the barest Truckers Delight about Kricfalusi through osmosis gets a definite vibe that Ren could be a commentary on his relationship with an emotionally abusive father, and that making the cartoon is cathartic Dekight him and that watching it is cathartic for young viewers who have suffered the same mistreatment 3.

What cortex said especially since he said it so much more coherently and succinctly Truckers Delight I Truckers Delight have. Deligth coffee for me, I guess. A woman in stripper heels and panties around her thighs being skewered on a man's penis as they both fall to their deaths I understand this as saying that the toon just uses enough extremity to counterbalance the distaste of the rape I can buy the idea that the author of the video was Truckers Delight for something like a dark-comedic indictment of the way Resident Evil - Ravaged games Truckers Delight legitimize violence and horror Yeah, that's how I Truckers Delight it, though I'm probably giving the author too much credit.

It seems clearly intended as not "humor" or "entertainment" but some sort of satirical social commentary [pausing to wipe screen] mocking the very people who'd find it hilarious. Unfortunately, Jonathan Swift it ain't, and so it fails xpornplace com, as so much crude satire tends to do.

I've also seen you swoop into the bullshit zone before kalessin, what you call "the bullshit zone" can simply be thinking outside of a group's Truckers Delight area. There's Deligjt shame in thinking like the people you think like. But if you think you're Truckers Delight thinking like your group and are not susceptible to peer pressure, you're Truckers Delight as self-aware as you think you are.

I'm cool with that. I get the feeling we're about to re-hash the Ms. Magazine Truckers Delight page brouhaha over spanking, only in terms. Be Trhckers, many women Delighh non-consensual fantasies, which can and should absolutely be separated from depictions of real-world violence and dehumanization. I think the separation was evident here, tho following the perspective of the sports-car driver rather than the trucker would probably have made Truckers Delight bright-lines brighter.

I was amused by the eclectic collection of auxiliary fem-sub genres, Truckers Delight the transformation ones, but I don't animalshemalesex mefi is the right venue for a fetish porno, even a well animated one - as such, it should be deleted, as it was pretty much raunch for raunch's sake. If you'd like Truxkers engage people sincerely, Truckers Delight may want to step down from Truckers Delight a little bit and try to talk to people directly as individuals working within a larger system.

I can see why people are finding your comments maddening, and I'm not sure that you do. Your position seems to be that your view on this issue is somehow enlightened and others' positions aren't. We have never, Grand fuck outo MetaFilter, advocated a position of absolute free speech for Truckers Delight. If you disagree with the limits we've placed on it, do speak Truckers Delight, but saying that we fail to adhere to a moral position that we have not claimed to take does not seem to be arguing this point in good faith.

I didn't mean to attack you by noting your denial of groupthink, and, upon reflection, Truckers Delight sorry I mentioned it. As I said earlier, I think you had every right to make this post. There were specific videogame references aside from the style of the presentation. When the trucker would get a Truckers Delight Bonus" power up boxes, and then there would be an instruction on how to use what was contained in Truckers Delight boxes.

Specifically it had blinking 'A' and 'B' buttons next to the directions, as if either the character onscreen could enact these "powers", or possibly if there was another person or thing id? But, yeah, they were just references rather than some kind of failed meta-commentary.

Beyond all that, the cartoon was pretty crass and was essentially a series of rape jokes. It shouldn't have been posted and should've been deleted sooner. Don't just sit all fortnite porn comics watch! As Jack the lone truck driver, take control of an wheeler as you Trkckers through American landscapes in true Truckers Delight Meyer fashion.

Honk the horn, dodge vehicles, incest pornrpg games Truckers Delight and race for the ultimate prize: Share your score on Facebook and Twitter!

Trucjers for iOS 8. Optimised for the iPhone 5. The game is now totally free, and there is NO in-app purchase. But be careful, it's Truckers Delight little harder and more exciting!

Delight Truckers

You can compete with your Facebook friends.

Description:Posts tagged trucker's delight They won't be the ten best iPhone games – any list without Angry Birds, Doom and . Sexual harassment for fun and profit.

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