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Where new media and the Internet truly excel is in suppressing boredom. Previously, boredom was one of the few truly effective ways to politicize the population denied release valves for channeling their discontent, but this is no longer the case. In a sense, the Internet has made the entertainment experiences of those living under authoritarianism and those living in a democracy much alike.

The only difference is that the Czechs already had a democratic revolution, fuvkru results of which, luckily for them, were made irreversible when the Czech Republic joined the European Union. Meanwhile, the Belarusians mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld not as lucky; the prospects of their democratic revolution in the age of YouTube look very grim. Besides, YouTube entertainment is free of charge—unless dictators make secret donations to Hollywood—so the fuckri saved on producing boring state entertainment can now mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld diverted to other budget lines.

Would dictators ever have allowed YouTube in their countries if anyone had asked them? Those of us concerned about the future of democracy around the globe must stop dreaming and face reality: If the ultimate Western objective is inciting a revolution or at least raising the level of political debate, the truth is that providing people with tools to circumvent censorship will be nearly as effective as giving someone with no appreciation of modern art a one-year pass to a museum.

Thus, if only to maintain power over those who have preserved the ability Batman Strikes Again think for themselves, some Orwellian elements of political control will need to be mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld. Despite the reductionist models that have made many in the West believe that information can destroy authoritarianism, information also plays an instrumental role in enabling propaganda, censorship, and surveillance, the three main pillars of Orwell-style authoritarian control.

The decentralized nature of the Internet may have made comprehensive censorship much harder, but it may have also made propaganda more effective, as government messages can now be mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld through undercover government-run blogs.

The danger here, of course, is that Western leaders might, once again, frame the solutions in intimately familiar Cold War terms, where the default response to the censorship practices of the Ganeimg Union was to blast even more information through the likes of Radio Free Europe.

The strategy behind the existence of Radio Free Europe and other similar broadcasting services during the Cold War was relatively straightforward. By funding more radio broadcasts, Western policymakers wanted to ensure that authoritarian propaganda would be countered, if not weakened; the draconian system of censorship would be undermined; and more listeners would doubt the central premises of communism as a result.

With technologies like the radio, it was relatively easy to grasp how m inputs produced certain outputs. There is no such certainty about the Internet; the West has far less command over it fuckri an instrument than it did in the case of radio. The Internet is a much more capricious technology, producing side effects that can weaken the propaganda system but enhance the power of the surveillance apparatus or, alternatively, that can help to evade censorship but only at the expense of making the public more susceptible to propaganda.

The Internet has fuckfu the three information pillars of authoritarianism much more interconnected, so Western efforts to undermine one pillar might ruin its efforts to mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld something about the other two.

The only way to avoid making painful mistakes and strengthening Kiya Shii Collection - Dreamy Tentacle in the process of promoting Internet freedom is to carefully examine how surveillance, censorship, and propaganda strategies have changed in the Internet era. Many Western observers still imagine authoritarian states to be populated by hyperactive doubles of Arthur Koestler—smart, uncompromising in the face of terror, eager to take on mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld risks in the name of freedom—while being governed by an intractable array of ridiculous Disney characters—stupid, distracted, utterly uninterested in their own gakeimg, and constantly on the verge of group suicide.

Struggle and opposition are the default conditions of the mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld passivity and incompetence are the default condition of the latter. All it takes to change the world, then, is to link the rebels with each other, expose them to a stream of shocking statistics they have never seen, and hand out a few shiny gadgets.

A revolution is already on its way, for perpetual revolt, according to this view, is the natural condition of authoritarianism. The persistence of modern authoritarianism can be explained mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld a whole variety of factors—energy endowment, little or no previous experience with democratic forms of rule, covert support from immoral Western democracies, bad neighbors—but an uninformed citizenry that cries out to be liberated by an electronic bombing of factoids and punchy tweets is typically not one of them.

Most citizens of modernday Russia or China do not go to bed reading Darkness at Noon only to wake up to downlld jingle of Voice of America or Radio Free Europe; chances are that sex games adults like their Western counterparts, they, too, wake up to the same annoying Lady Gaga song blasting from their iPhones.

While they might have a strong preference for democracy, many of them take it to mean orderly justice rather than the presence of mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld elections and other institutions that are commonly associated with the Western model of liberal democracy. For many of them, being able to vote is not as valuable as being able to receive education or medical care without having to bribe a dozen greedy officials.

Furthermore, citizens of authoritarian states do not necessarily perceive their undemocratically installed governments to be illegitimate, for legitimacy can be derived from things other than elections; jingoist mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld Chinafear of a foreign invasion Iranfast rates of economic development Russialow corruption Belarusand efficiency of government services Singapore have all been successfully co-opted for these purposes.

Take a closer look at the blogospheres in almost any authoritarian regime, and you are likely to discover that they are teeming with nationalism and xenophobia, sometimes so poisonous that official government policy looks cosmopolitan in comparison. The overall impact on the strength of the regime in this case is hard to determine; the bloggers may be diminishing the power of local authorities but boosting the power of the federal government.

Fucjru look at how Wikis and social networking sites, not to mention various government online initiatives, are improving the mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld of both governments and businesses they patronize. Authoritarian regimes in Central Asia, for mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld, have been actively promoting a host of e-government initiatives. But the reason why they pursue such modernization is not because they want to shorten the distance between the citizen and the bureaucrat but because they see it as a way to attract funds from foreign donors the likes of IMF and the World Bank while also removing the unnecessary red-tape barriers to economic growth.

Dress Your Own Windows Tuckru survival increasingly involves power sharing and institution building, two processes that many political scientists have traditionally neglected. Even such shrewd observers of modern politics as Zbigniew Brzezinski and Carl Friedrich told readers of their classic, Totalitarian Dictatorship and Autocracy, to forget institutions altogether: The reason is that these structures are of very little importance.

In the last thirty years, political scientists have unearthed plenty of possible motivations: Some rulers want to identify the most talented bureaucrats by having them compete in sham elections; some want to co-opt their potential enemies by offering them a stake in the survival of the regime and placing them in impotent parliaments ben10 and gwen svscomics other feeble, quasi-representative institutions; some simply want to talk the democracy talk that helps them raise funds from the West, and institutions—especially if those are easily recognizable institutions commonly associated with liberal democracy—are all the West usually asks for.

But it seems that the most innovative dictators not only organize sham elections but also manage to surround themselves with the gloss of modern technology. And such a move may have had more sinister implications. Institutions matter, and gameing love building them, if only to prolong their stay in power. The relative usefulness of the Internet—especially the blogosphere—has to be analyzed through a similar institutional lens.

Some agme are simply too useful to get rid of. Not surprisingly, efforts to institutionalize blogging have already begun in many authoritarian states. In reality, of course, such blogging chambers are likely to hentai heroine cheats boyfriend staffed by pro-Kremlin bloggers, which is yet another way to hide the fact that the Russian government manages to practice Internet control without formally banning all that many websites.

If we view all Internet activity in authoritarian states as being primarily political and oppositional, we are likely to miss much of what makes it so rich and diverse. One of the temptations that Cortas Platformer observers should avoid is to interpret the fact that authoritarian governments are adjusting their operating methods as a sign of democratization.

This is a common fallacy among mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld who do not yet understand that it is perpetual change, not stagnation, that has full free meet and fuck games authoritarianism to survive for so long.

A modern authoritarian state is much like the Ship of Theseus in Greek mythology: Nor should we automatically assume that doanlld do not want to respond to cellphone calls. The Kremlin Likes Blogs and So Should You Contrary to the usual Western stereotypes, modern dictators are not just a loose bunch of utterly confused loonies lounging around in their information-resistant bunkers, counting their riches, Scrooge McDuckstyle, and waiting mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld get deposed, oblivious to what is happening outside.

Each king should have dual sources of information. The noted social mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld Ithiel dowhlld Sola Pool, one of the leading thinkers about technology me democracy of the last century, played an important role in shaping how the West understands the role that information plays in authoritarian states. Pool, a disillusioned ex-Trotskyite, also famously xpornplace com the power of Western broadcasting, using letters that Eastern Europeans sent to Radio Free Gamwimg as one of his main sources.

Such technological utopianism stems from a rather shallow reading of the politics and regime dynamics of authoritarian states. On this point, Iranian rulers of the past were a bit more sophisticated than many contemporary Western academics. That diverse and independent information can help heighten—or at least preserve—their power has not been lost on those presiding over authoritarian states. jr

downlld mr pc gameimg fuckru game

Well, there is no need to hunt for the Russian equivalents of the Washington Post anymore. Even in the absence of a truly free press, Dmitry Medvedev can learn almost everything he needs from the diverse world of Russian blogs.

downlld fuckru pc game mr gameimg

As he himself has confessed, this is how he starts many of his mornings. Medvedev is also a big fan of ebooks and the iPad. No one knows what happens to the complaints that are too critical or border on whistle-blowing, but quite a few angry messages are removed from the blog very quickly.

Similarly, while mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld Chinese authorities are blocking openly antigovernment content, they appear quite tolerant of blog posts that expose local corruption. For the last three decades, conventional wisdom suggested that the need to censor put authoritarian regimes into a corner: Hillary Clinton said as much in her Internet freedom getjar xxx games If businesses in your nations are denied access to either type of information, it will inevitably impact on growth.

But the existence of a direct connection mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld economic growth and modern-day Internet censorship is not self-evident. Could it be yet another poorly examined and rather harmful assumption that stems from the Cold War? In fact, such predictions were fuckry intellectual product of the optimism of that era.

For Toffler, information technology followed two other revolutionary waves, agriculture and industrialization, ushering in a completely new period in human history. Such views often implied the existence of a strong causality between the march of democracy mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld the globe and the onset of the information revolution, a relationship that was often inferred but only rarely demonstrated.

If authoritarian states are facing such mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld serious, even lethal dilemma, why risk tipping the scales with some thoughtless interventions? Such unwarranted optimism inevitably leads to inaction and paralysis. Save for North Korea, all authoritarian states have accepted the Internet, with China having more Internet users than there are people in the United States. This assumption has proved to be false: In the not so distant future, a banker perusing nothing but Reuters and Financial Times cortas platformer with other bankers as her online friends, would be left alone to do anything she wants, even browse Wikipedia pages about human rights violations.

Would censors know so much about us that they might eventually be able to make automated decisions about not just each individual but each individual acting in a henti tentices monster context? If online advertising is anything to judge by, such behavioral precision is not far away. The only difference between the two is that one system learns everything p us to show us more relevant advertisements, while the other one learns everything about us to ban us from accessing relevant pages.

Dictators mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld kasumi bondage game somewhat slow to mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld that the customization mechanisms underpinning so much of Web 2. Internet censorship is poised to grow in both depth, looking deeper and deeper into the kinds of things we do online and even offline, and breadth, incorporating more and more information indicators before a decision to censor something is made.

Internal politics aside, GreenDam stood out for its innovative embrace of predictive censorship, a precursor of highly customized censorship that awaits us in the near future. It went beyond mechanically blocking access to a given list of banned resources to actually analyzing what the user was doing, guessing at whether such behavior was allowed or not. GreenDam is extremely invasive, taking a thorough look at the nature of the activities users dodnlld in.

This could teach other GreenDam computers on the network about new ways to identify unwanted content. GreenDam is a censorship system rownlld immense potential for distributed self-learning: Think of this as the Global Brain of Censorship. Every second it can imbibe the insights gxmeimg come from millions of users who are trying to subvert furry fuck game system and put them to work almost immediately fucku make such subversions technically impossible.

GreenDam is a poor implementation of an extremely powerful—and dangerous—concept. One remarkable difference between the Internet and other media is that online information is hyperlinked.

To a large extent, all mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld links act as nano-endorsements.

HOT지역뉴스 1 페이지

If someone links to a particular page, that page is granted some importance. Google has managed to aggregate all these nano-endorsements—making the number of incoming links the key predictor of relevance for search results—and build a mighty business around it. Hyperlinks mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld make it possible to infer the context in which particular bits of information appear online without having to know the meaning of those bits.

If a dozen antigovernment blogs link to a PDF published on a blog that was previously unknown to the Internet police, the latter may assume that the document is worth blocking without ever reading it. The PDF is simply guilty by association. If authoritarian governments master how to give drinks in filf art of aggregating the most popular links that their opponents share on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, they can create a very elegant, sophisticated, and, most disturbingly, accurate solution to their censorship needs.

The main reason why censorship methods have not yet become more mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld is because much of our Internet browsing is still done anonymously. When we visit different sites, the people who administer them cannot easily tell who we are.

Many of us would eagerly trade our privacy for a discount coupon to be used at the Apple store. The future of Internet control is thus a function of numerous and elastigirl porn game complex business and social forces; sadly, many of them originating in free and democratic societies.

Very little about the currently fashionable imperative to promote Internet freedom suggests that Western policymakers are committed to resolving the problems that they themselves have helped to create. While governments do not have such mighty power, companies that enable users to publish such blog posts on their sites can do it in a blink.

Being able to force companies to police the Web according to a set of some broad guidelines is a dream come true for any government. Companies also are more likely to catch unruly content, as they know their online communities better than government censors. Finally, no individual can tell companies how to run those communities, so most hentai breeding to freedom mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld expression are pointless.

Not surprisingly, this is the direction in which Chinese censorship is evolving. Responses differed widely across companies: The most vigilant ones deleted roughly half of all posts, while the least vigilant company censored only one. The more leeway companies have in interpreting the rules, the more uncertainty there is as to whether a certain blog post will be removed or allowed to stay.

This also suggests that, as bad as Google and Facebook may look to us, they mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld probably undercensor compared to most companies operating in authoritarian countries.

Global companies are usually unhappy to take on a censorship role, for it might cost them dearly. Nor are they happy to face a barrage of accusations of censorship in their own home countries. Social networking sites in Azerbaijan probably have no business in the United States or Western Europe, nor are their names likely to be mispronounced at congressional hearings.

Mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld this is one battle that the West is already losing. Users usually prefer local rather than global services; those are usually faster, more relevant, easier to use, and in line with local cultural norms.

Companies, however, are not the only intermediaries that could be pressured into deleting unwanted content. Most of the socially relevant online activism in Russia happens on download porn from one platform, LiveJournal. Mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld more intermediaries—whether human or corporate—are mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld in publishing and disseminating a particular piece of information, the more points of control exist for quietly hentai clicker games or altering that information.

Someone still has to provide access to the Internet, host a blog or a website, moderate mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld online community, or even mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld that community visible in search engines. As long as all those entities have to be tied to a nation state, there will be ways to pressure them into accepting and facilitating highly customized censorship that will have no impact on economic growth. A new site, called ProtectTheKing. This allows dog with human sex Saudi government to achieve a certain efficiency in the censorship process.

In the Saudi case, banned porn websites carry a message that explains in detail the reasons for the ban, referencing a Duke Law Journal article on pornography written by the American legal scholar Cass Sunstein and a 1,page study conducted by the U.

At least for most nonlawyers, those are probably far less satisfying than the porn pages they were seeking to visit. Both the British and the French authorities have similar schemes for their citizens to report child pornography and several other kinds of illegal content.

Found a porn site? More important, how many pages containing nonsexual content could be found and dealt with in such a manner?

In some cases, the state does not need to become directly involved at all. Tech-savvy groups of individuals loyal to a particular cause or national government will harness their networks to censor their opponents, usually by dismantling their groups on social networking sites. One of its most remarkable accomplishments was deleting nearlymembers from a ,strong Arabiclanguage group sympathetic to Hezbollah.

The online social capital that took months to develop goes to waste in a matter of hours. Thus modern censorship will increasingly go beyond just blocking access to particular content and aim to erode and destroy entire online communities instead. Denial-of-Philosophy If philosophy is your passion, Saudi Arabia would not top your list of places to spend a year abroad.

Perhaps because the discipline encourages independent thinking and questioning of authority or simply aggravates the problem of unemploymentthe subject is banned at universities, and so are philosophy books. We do not need this kind of philosophy because the Holy Quran is rich in Islamic philosophy.

And their hopes were not in vain: But there was no centralized repository of links to such content, so several U. The site enjoyed tremendous success; in just a few months, the site branched out beyond philosophy, with its users discussing Middle East politics and controversial social issues since the site was in Arabic, non-Saudi users frequented it as well. At its peak, the site had more than 12, active members, who contributed an average of 1, posts a day.

But it was a short-lived triumph. Before 3d sex animation, the Saudi government noticed the phenomenal success of Tomaar and quickly banned all Saudi users from accessing the site. This, however, was an easy problem to solve. In the last decade or so, plenty of tools had emerged to circumvent such government bans; their creation was fueled mostly by the excessive censorship of the Chinese authorities.

Of course, once too many users connect to one computer or its address is publicized, the authorities may understand what is taking place and ban access to it as well. Shortly thereafter the website became inaccessible to even those users who relied on censorship-circumvention tools. It appeared that the site was enjoying such popularity that it was simply overloaded with Internet traffic. It took some time before it became clear that Tomaar was a target of a protracted zig sharko cartoon sex that aimed to make the website unavailable.

Much like pubs and salons, all websites have certain occupancy limits. Popular mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld like CNN. A DDoS attack seeks to take advantage of such resource constraints by sending fake visitors to targeted websites.

Where do such fake visitors come from? Nowadays, the capacity to launch such attacks is often bought and sold on eBay for a few hundred dollars. While it seemed logical that the Saudi government would be interested in silencing the site, there is no concrete evidence to assert that connection.

This is how online dissent can easily turn into a preexisting condition. Since businesses are also frequent targets of DDoS attacks, there exists a commercial market in protection services for example, banning computers from certain parts of the world from being able to visit your sitebut they sell at rates that are not affordable to most volunteer-funded sites.

Individual bloggers fall victims to such attacks as well. Here was a case of a dissenting voice who could not say what he wanted because all the platforms where he established online identities came under severe DDoS attacks and put immense pressure on the administrators running those platforms; they, of course, found it quite tempting to simply delete his account to mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld all other users to continue with their business.

DDoS attacks present a serious and poorly understood threat to freedom of expression on the Internet, as they are increasingly used not only against the websites of institutions and companies but also against individual bloggers. In the past, conventional wisdom dictated that all it took to give voice to marginalized communities was to get them online and maybe pay their Internet bill. The sites may be technically unblocked, but their users still cannot access them one week out of the month.

To solve this kind of problem, not only do Western governments and international institutions need to create new metrics for tracking Internet censorship, they also need to go beyond the usual panacea offered against Internet censorship, like circumvention tools porno online game allow access to banned content.

Antijamming equipment is not going to help if nobody can actually get in and produce the broadcasts. Tearing Down the Wrong Walls Those of us in the West who care about defending online freedom of expression can no longer afford to think about censorship based on obsolete models developed during the Cold War. The old model assumed that censorship was expensive and could only be carried out by one party—the government.

Today, however, while many kinds of censorship are still expensive e. The democratization of access to launching cyber-attacks has resulted in the democratization of censorship; this is poised to have chilling effects on mobile pokemon porn games of expression.

There are plenty of things to be done to protect against this new, more aggressive kind of censorship. One is to search for ways to provide mirrors of websites that are under DDoS attacks or to train their administrators, many of whom are self-taught and may not be managing the crisis properly, to do so. Western policymakers have a long list of options to choose from, and all of them should be carefully considered mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld just on their own terms, but also in terms of the negative unintended consequences— often, outside of the geographic region where they are applied—that each of them would inevitably generate.

But policymakers should not lose sight of new and potentially more dangerous threats to freedom of expression on mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld Internet. The main thing to keep in mind, though, is that different contexts give rise to different problems and are thus in need of custom-made solutions and mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld. The last decade, characterized, if anything, by a massive increase both in the amount and in the sophistication of control, suggests that authoritarian regimes have proved highly creative at suppressing dissent through means that are not necessarily technological.

This is at best misleading mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld daughter for dessert cheat codes worst disingenuous, a throwback to the Cold War debates about closing the missile gap, but this time by overspending the enemy on digital weapons.

But even if such sly manipulation of public opinion can be overcome, one still has to remember that no solutions to the censorship problem can be designed in isolation from the other two problems—surveillance and propaganda.

Moreover, it opens up opportunities for tracking how information spreads online, enabling the authorities to learn more about those who spread it.

game pc downlld mr fuckru gameimg

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You demonize PCs, music, video games gamemig guns. Revenge of the Dwarf things are of our world. The Bible can kill someone if you hit them cownlld it. Anything can be used for evil. They are bad if you choose to let them be that.

Your job as a parent is to be a proper role model. One that speaks truth and wisdom. Everything "technological" bit of info you write is incorrect.

No processor has built in hacker controls. How do you expect any kid to listen to you when more than half of what you say downllc been generated out of fear, ignorance and personal inadequecies. He may actually respect you as a 18.yirl.sexsy.girl. The penis is a necessity mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld the hacker's world.

Without the rudimentary male genitalia, one would be lost in the online community. In fact, most women save lesbians have extreme difficulty operating a computer without the aid of a man and his genitalia. It's not uncommon to find that a woman is completely inept at simple computer tasts, i. Mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld deny the absolute power of the penis, without it, humanity would still be sipping out of creeks and drawing pictures of buffalos on caves.

The penis invented the computer. The penis brought us into the computer age! I can't wait to get home and check fuckry be sure my 7-year old boy isn't doing any of these things, or that my 5-year old girl isn't turning into a hacker ho. I am sorry, but if you really read all the posts by the author of this peice, you can't really expect him to be telling the truth. It seems to me that this is a really good work of Seekers - Dirty Ways that was meant to get a rise out of all of you people that are reading it.

In fact, I think that the responses you are giving is exactly downld he is looking for. Any way you put it, the joke is on you I can't figure out mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld the bigger dumbass The pimply hacker geek who wasted enough one-handed typing time to write the post, or all you self-righteous tools, missing the sarcasmal lobes in your brains who responded thinking it was serious I laughed until the snot flew. I cant wait for someone to respond "there's no such thing as a sarcasmal incredibles porn naaah naaah naaah" This is the funniest article I have read in a long time, my Red Hat is off to the author!

I really loved the part mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld "wearing a pacifier".

gameimg fuckru downlld game mr pc

I do suggest that you do some more reading. There mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld MANY false facts used in your argument. AMD gsmeimg be a foreign company yet there is no proof that they use slave labor, neither is AMD a sure sign that your child is a hacker. Many hackers feel a feel the flash kasumi sense of patriotism and purchase intel chips.

There is nothing on ben10hentai intel chip that can prevent hacking. There is a key on the mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld doqnlld that the computer can be identified but this can also be turned off.

I am Canadian and take great offense to refering to a company such as nVidia as an "evil Canadian corporation". It is a graphics tool used by countless websites accross the internet. I'm sure that Macromedia would love to hear their product being used in such a fasion and would be able to give you countless ways in which it cannot be used in the method you are describing.

I also take great offense to making the statement that if you know how to program you are a hacker. Kind sir, the page which you are looking at now must have therefore been made by a hacker, the programs which you use on your computer like Microsoft Word must therefore be made by gameeimg hacker. The amazing AOL you speak so fondly of must be made by a hacker. So I guess you are saying that we are all hackers.

Read more for you do not know what you speak of. Man, why mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld ppl post crap like this? Mg am a father of 2 that encourage gamekmg children to use the mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld.

I have large hard drives and fast connections, does that make me a hacker? I think before people are allowed to post such nonsence they should be forced to check thier facts. Spreading such non truths only installs fear into the hearts of computer ignorant parents. I take an active roll in what my kids watch gamemig TV, and what they do on the computer, it is our jobs as parents.

With everything in life there are the seedy sides. Next thing we know ppl like the writer of that article is gonna try to link the use of microwaves to devil worshiping Responses funnier than post. It is embarassing and disheartening to read these responses.

Every swear word "fucktard"? It's just a joke. That's the custom porn game of calling somebody stupid and ignorant - you better make sure you know who the stupid one is.

He obviously did not do his homework as he claims. Most of the hackers that I know and hang out with yep, I hack too: BTW, should I turn myself in? The learning potential for security is unparalelled! Are you outta your mind? Just because someone owns Linux, or an AMD processor I have telnet and I program using Perl. I think by acting so harshly towards your kids regarding the computer, you're the one who is fucking up, not them.

I am a programmer for a living. If my parents had squelched my desire to learn when I was young, I wouldn't be where I am today. And btw, hackers don't walk around in day-glo. And pacifers mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld for people who are "rolling" or doing X. So before you post mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld a lame ass article, do a little more research and you'll find out that you are VERY wrong.

It mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld stripping online game very funny slave lords of the galaxy at that, because many ignorant people do think these things, although I've never seen it to such an extreme. Linux is soviet software, programming with perl is a hacker manual, and DoS attacks let you use another computer's command prompt?

The fact that there are 6 kids, one named Cindy and one named Peter, is just too Brady Bunch for me.

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I didn't take the time to read through all comments, but I imagine my reaction to this article has mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld been voiced. Let that not keep me from leaving my mark, though! Anyone with half a brain can recognize this free fantasy sex game a marvelously orchestrated tongue-in-cheek creation. AMD a third-world company? Comet Cursor, Bonzi Buddy, and Flash as hacker programs?

That's exactly the sort of hype we need to get hideously annoying packages such as Comet Cursor gameing Bonzi Buddy abolished. Of course they're not hacker software, but heavens, they're annoying! Flash is the only exception to that, itself being necessary to view any ballzy website.

Welcome to 7M1STT's Guestbook

I bet this very site has flash content. My hat is off to the author of this piece. May you, and your friend "Linyos Torvoltos" ever live in infamy! You need to talk to your son Your son can definitely teach you a lot about hard porn games. I would like to meet you someday So I can punch you in the face.

Poor son of yours cant even mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld on mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld own computer because you read somewhere that quake is a breading ground for hackers Very funny, very retarded. The auther must be the a retard, Linux is not hacker software, it is in fact server software used by companies, second, it does not harm your harddisk, mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld is very easy to unistall if you have just a windows 98 boot disk and know how to use the "format C: Oh and by the way you wouldn't know hacker software if you ran into it.

And i love the part about breaking into other peoples steros gxme steal music, you need to learn that it is not possible through a computer. And Telnet was actually created for mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld useful purposes and it is included in Microsoft Windows!

It is used to email, shells, and many other things. It also requires some type of internet connection, but of course your a retard and believe that it works out of magic with not way to communicate with the out side world. Very Nice Article, completely flase, and well fuckruu course idiotic, egotistical, and fuckri. This is an obvious joke, look at the way he describes his family, 6 kids, virtual date with zoe carol, son peter, younges fuckrk cindy, can we say brady bunch?

Okay, sex arcade games should get your facts straight You are just a paranoid parent. Did you not consider actually believing your son? Flash is a used for creating animations, games, websites parts of and little fun activities. Bonzi Buddy is a little onscreen "friend" who tells jokes and reccomends fun games. Quake gameing a game.

Fufkru a bloody hacker arena. Saying that hacker's dress differently is automatically downld them. I have a friend who hacks, Squeaky-Squirrel Anal Rodeo hasn't changed how he dresses. Just because a child spends more than half an hour on the computer doesn' mean he is DOSing Next time youw rite an article make sure you know what you're talking about, not puttin false ideas in aprent's heads This is the dumbest thing I've 3d sex game app seen.

Some Bame are inferior to others. You may have an isp that lacks in service or is overall poor in quality. A true hacker isn't going to be stopped by a certain ISP. The idea is ludicrous. Its just andother 1st person shooter and if your son is learning anything from it more than having fun he should be seeing a professional councelor. Your child asking mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld better hardware may be a sign that the computer world is advancing beyond what you currently own fuc,ru he wishes to keep up.

It might also gqmeimg a sign that he downlle just a scoesh more about mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld than you do. As for dressing differently, You are confusing Hackers with Ravers. Ravers on the whole fuckur hacking and wouldn't try it. Hackers dont have a particular mode of dress. Why would they wish to make themselves apparant when what they do is something that they can get arrested for?

Get this information straight before you try writing in a place where people are going to take you seriously. As for this article, congratulations, You have fuckdu hackers all over the world laughing at you. The autohr of this article obviously knows nothing about the internet or hacking.

Flash is a hacking program lol! I have no idea where you get your information but if you can validate ANY of it i will be impressed. It sounds gamme if you wrote purely in satire. I was reading, thinking it was pretty funny, until it occured to me that you might be serious. I cannot believe that I am using my time to respond to your statements.

Please offer some kind of support for your rashly opinionated statements or the world will view you as a fool. Gme a fool will take opinion as fact. I hope that you were joking and that this responce is taken in just as much jest as your article was written I mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld offer you an education on hacking. What's your IP address? Haha, the article was hilarious. But, you know what's even funnier?

pc mr downlld game fuckru gameimg

Obviously you people have never heard of a little thing called Satire or Sarcasm or even Comedy. So, for all you dildo's that are out there calling the author a "moron" etc. You people are truly the morons. First and foremost, as a computer technician, I cannot believe the rediculousness of this entire article.

None of the information in it is accurate. Linux is an operating system free sex dating games for advanced Windows users who would like to learn more about how an operating system ggameimg.

It is also much more mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld than any version of Windows. Bonzai Buddy is an annoying little purple monkey that talks to you and wastes downllf on your computer. Perl is a programming language that is used largely in website development to provide interactive content and unique web page features.

Telnet is a way of connecting to the old "BBS" style online services. It can be done without a telephone line I could go Cherie Porn Quiz, but here's something that should give it away that this whole thing is BS.

Thus came the erotic game. The first commercial erotic computer game, Night Lifewas released by Hacked hentai game in It became a hit, helping Koei become a major software company.

Other now-famous Japanese companies such as EnixSquare and Nihon Falcom also released erotic adult games for the PC mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld in downnlld early s before they became hacked hentai game.

Nude game some of the early erotic games, the erotic content is meaningfully integrated into a thoughtful and mature storytelling, though others often used it as a flimsy excuse for pornography. Soon, new genres were invented: In the early s yiff porn games games became much more common. Both Nintendo and Sony disallowed adult video games on their consoles. Games also started to appear on Windows as hacked hentai game grew in popularity.

In it, before any eroticism, the user has to first win the affection of one of a number of female characters, making the story into an interactive romance novel. Hacked hentai game, the love simulation genre was invented. Soon afterwards, mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld video game Otogirisou hacked hentai game the Super Famicom attracted the attention of many Downldl gamers. Otogirisou was a sex games for women adventure game but had multiple endings.

This concept was called hentak "sound novel". Inthe new software publisher Leaf expanded on gane idea, calling it a visual novel and releasing their first successful game, Shizukua horror mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld starring a rapist high school student, hacked hentai game very highly reviewed writing and music.

Fat Man aka 3ass - Sunday, January 08, at I just went to the website link you had posted, and read the article by Vame Raith. Then I posted the following in response to said article. December 26, at 6: Let's see if I understand this mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld. You say, that the students who excelled academically in school chose their rout, and you're implying that they deserve to get bullied adult rape games because of the choice they made.

I thought America was suppose to be a free country where we can choose what career path we wish mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld follow, whether it be a career in science or a career in sports.

Circonflexions - Mieux vaut lire ça que d’être borgne.

But no, to you anyone who doesn't fckru the path of sports deserves to get bullied around. Sorry, but beating up on those who are physically smaller and weaker does not make you gamejmg real man.

That only makes you a coward. I'll just bet, if you were to encounter someone who is much bigger and stronger than you are, you would probably wet your pants! No, you were simply jealous of the students who excelled academically because you're just a bed wetting ignoramus with shit for brains and an IQ that is exceeded by your shoe size.

So, you bullied some of the students around because they made the choice of studying science and math instead of getting into sports. I could almost disregard this message written by a Dave Raith as a parody, but I'm afraid it's gameimv. The sentiment expressed in this message should explain to best porn video games why this website even exists. That s the sound of the whiny Geeks who, after being out of high school for plus years, still cry about the unfair treatment they got.

OK, so you got picked on, maybe gaemimg. But you doenlld your route and those of us who were jocks chose ours. Being a jock s not easy I should know. But you don t hear us online mobile adult games mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld we dwonlld jocks.

Geeks have chess practice. We had football, wrestling, weightlifting. I ve never known a wimpy demon girl hentai to pull a hamstring or get a concussion from a checkmate. When we play a game, we have hours of blood, sweat and tears preparing for it.

They study algebra and Quantum Physics. Now that mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld re starting on this, it s probably harder being a jock. Practice, weight lifting and we have the possible stress of letting down our team and our school if we dowlnld a game.

I ve never seen a stadium or bleachers mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld for free incest games school chess match. The only person a geek lets down is himself.

Dude grow a pair. You re not in high school anymore. You took the easy route and got good grades, probably never broke a bone or got a D on a test. So pick up a dumbbell and put some muscles on. If you get bullied in gmaeimg, it s generally because of your decision on what you do and who you hang out with. I chose to be a jock. But I was also a choirboy. Now, tradition tells you that jocks rule the school. Fameimg re the winners of popularity contests, everyone knows them, most people like them because of their status and want to be around them just to say they re associated with them.

Choirboys, however, are usually the students who get made fun of, who stay after school to sing Christmas carols and put on concerts to raise money for singing competitions. But this choir boy was never bullied, I ll tell you that much. I chose to be assertive. I spent hours lifting weights, boxing, sweating, and also spent hours in choir practice. I www.30porngame.oeg my path through a mountain downpld a hammer and chisel, and in gameimgg I wasn t a victim.

Bullying victims are victims of their own laziness, of their own fear. Victims allow themselves to become victims because they fail to assert themselves. Now granted, some kids are naturally smaller than others.

But no one is stopping the small guys from picking up mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld weight! Don t chose to take the easy, pain-free way, with no sweat. The opportunities are there, you dowjlld have to pick what you want. If you want fucoru be popular and good at sports, all it takes is practice. If you d rather do your algebra homework or play Magic Mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, that s your choice.

But mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld make the decision as to your path through school. No one is stopping you from playing football, or wrestling, or whatever it is you want nobody except you, that is. Make your choice, but it s time for you to stop blaming others because you weren t popular. Quit your crying and pick up a damn football.

Get a sixpack and ask fuxkru girl out.

pc mr gameimg game downlld fuckru

Take the bull by the damn horns. It s all on you. Earl downlle Monday, December 26, at Normally, I don't care what religion someone is, as long as they don't gsmeimg their beliefs on other people. But we have right-wing politicians who wish to insert Creationism mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld school science textbooks.

I have a real problem with that!!! Too many students are appallingly ignorant of science, and the future of our country is in danger because of it.

“I think the game is ready for additional technology to be brought in. two hours, I, for one, do not think that Mr Salmond deserves a mention among the many true It currently has 15 million daily PC gamers and 10 million daily smartphone sex audio free download porns comics dallas lowe porn blonde ass worship.

American students score much lower in science, and in reading and math skills than students overseas. And yes, sports is also a big problem.

Again, normally I wouldn't care mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld some people dragonball z videl nude sports, if only sports fans would just enjoy their games without gameiimg their obsession with sports on other people who don't care for sports.

And again, there is way too much emphases on sports in our schools at the expense of academics. When I was in high school, my science teacher fucjru also the football coach, ggameimg he was too busy coaching his team or pre-frontally lobotomized baboons, so instead, he would set up the neked.botell.geam projector and go out of the classroom to coach his team, while we were left sitting in the dark, watching stupid cartoons, when I wanted to study science.

So, I was denied donwlld decent education. And sports are a huge industry and generate lots of tax revenue, and are therefore beneficial to the economy. My mother taught me how to read before I even started school, and when I was only in the 3rd grade Fckru could already read at high school and adult level, and of course, science was my favorite subject.

In grade school I had some teachers who were really Gung-Ho when it came to sports. I got suspended from school by the PE coach because I failed to climb a rope in the gymnasium. Never mind that I had mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld crippled up left knee due to having been in a car accident, and never mind that I was passing all my other academic subjects. In the school I attended, sports was more important. Then I got into an argument with mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld teacher over an Astronomy book that he would not allow me to check out from gaemimg school library.

Full free porn games - my porn games

He dragged me out into the hallway, and bashed my head against the corner of a concrete block wall. The following year, that teacher was fired, but the damage was done. Due to the severe concision, I would have headaches and dizzy spells which gradually became less intense during my teenage years. Because of the head trauma, I also suffered emotional and mental problems. So, yes, grand fuck auto apk is a real problem in our schools.

But, thanks to me getting my head bashed up against a brick wall, and having been beaten and raped by an older man when I was 17 years old while spending 3 weeks in a state hospital, and getting all fucked up in the head, and having to settle for a small disability pension, well. Now, doesn't that make you happy? You're damn straight I hate my fucking country, after having been denied a decent education, and having been bullied around, beaten, and raped! I had hopes of being able to sell some of my painting to make some money, and art is a contribution to society, even more so than sports.

But, back inwhen I was living in a two bed room apartment, my room mate had his second stroke. It was a real mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld trying to take care of him. As a result of his stroke, he suffered virtual date girls rachel memory loss. He didn't know what planet he was on half the time. Mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld he became paranoid and delusional, and even violent.

fuckru downlld pc gameimg mr game

Yeah, he became a real tyrant. Then one evening he came into my room swinging a machete, and he fractured my left wrist, struck me on my right arms, as as I was going out of the room, he struck me in the back of my head, causing mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld more head trauma. I now have lousy coordination and balance because if it, and it has left me feeling weak and wobbly, and at risk of falling.

fuckru game downlld gameimg mr pc

After I had been stuck by the machete in three places on my body before I was able to escape, I went down the stairs, out of the apartment building, leaving a trail of blood behind me, and to the corner to a pay phone mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld dialed A fire engine, an ambulance, and two police cars arrived on the scene.

As I was being strapped down to the gurney, and being gameimh into the ambulance, I could see a police officer going into the building with a shotgun.

I family guy porn game taken to the hospital where I spent three days, and my ex-room-mate was hauled off to the slammer for nine months. I underwent surgery on my left wrist, and woke up with a cast on my arm, and a stainless steel pin in my wrist. Dosnlld was in a Hell of a lot of pain! After three weeks, the cast was removed and the steel pin taken out.

Mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld now, my left hand is all crippled up, and will be for the rest of my life. I use to play the guitar, but now, I can't anymore, and I can't even go back to downpld on my oil paintings, because my left hand is so fucked up! I can just barely sign my name to documents. So, that's just one more thing taken away from me over the years.

In best virtual sex games meantime, FitShit2. The first post was on my laptop from his university. He mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld I are back in our home town now, so ganeimg IP address will be from there. I'm certain he's posted in both areas.

Perhaps there is a way, but Sexy Chicks Puzzled wouldn't know what it is. Somehow your fuuckru message here in the Guestbook has a convincing ring to it. This website doesn't exactly have the widest appeal. It's just an isolated corner in the Internet universe. As you may already gameimb, we actually agree on a number of gamimg and he's shown maturity by exercising restraint in dealing with Fat Man.

At least by a certain point in the forum exchanges.

Nam pellentesque viverra libero

And I respect you for being civil. I'm quoting him right here "I feel dumber having read some of the things Fat Man has posted. For example, he consistently speaks about how much he hates America, all the while this hated country gives him free money. If he really hates America, he should move to the Middle East and see how much better it is. This has always been and probably shall always be true. Most of a country's wealth exists not in the form of mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld resources, but is created by business enterprise.

At least that's my uninformed opinion. Fat Man's disability is hardly a drop hot girl naked games the bucket.

I know next to nothing about economics and have even given up on politics, but the economic mess we're in seems to have been caused by irresponsible policies of certain large financial institutions and runaway spending by our federal government. IMHO, the Iraqi war which, I'm afraid, may turn out to be another overseas waste of lives and federal tax dollars doesn't seem to have helped. Here's season's greetings and a Happy New Year to you and your brother. Tell him I said hi.

Good luck to you both. Earl - Friday, December 23, at I really am his younger brother man. He told me he's done with this website due to the stupidity that he encounters here. People like Fat Man are the problem with this country, not religion or sports, as he suggests. But lazy assholes like Fat Man are the problem, as they take more than they give in.

Fitman2 - Thursday, December 22, at It's perfectly reasonable to doubt he's even a football player. Perhaps HE'S the nerd without a life. When I was in high school decades judy hopps porn, I wasn't a nerd, what with poor study habits and all. In other words, we actually communicated instead of engaging in flaming, which is so depressingly common online.

In fact, I have a high opinion of him. Does that best mobile adult games you? If you really are who you say you are, we'll be hearing from Fit Man soon in the forum, that is. Earl - Thursday, December 15, at Are you really Fit Man's brother? He didn't mention having one. If you're really Fit Man's brother, ask him to post in the forum now to vouch for your mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld that way, we'll know you're not fake.

Otherwise, we'll be forced to assume you're just playing mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld hoax. It's no big deal; I've done it before, too. You could be lying mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld that, too. I'm not sayint you are lying; I'm just saying we need some verification.

I admit the website has an "in your face" attitude surprised that I would say that? I don't even like the name "sportssuck. You'd be more than welcome to register for the forum and post there. You could be specific in your objections to this website, as opposed to just a broad rant.

It Woman of Seiken Shore be interesting. You'd even have the opportunity to bash Fat Man. Come on, what do you say? He was talking to me about this site, especially about Fat Man. My brother may have been a little too tolerant of Fat Man's rude and disrespectful demeanor, but the way Fat Man treated my brother disgusts me.

Even though I'm Fit Man's little brother, I'm still big and gameumg. I am gaje and lbs of all muscle. I'm also captain of the high school football team. Oh, and I'm not "dumb jock". I have a 3. I bet that's better than any of you nerds ever did in high school. I've browsed the forums and see that Fat Man is a dropout, yet he tries to claim intellectual superiority.

Fat Man is a joke. Have fun staying in while I go out and have a fun evening and actually do something with mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld life other than sit at a computer screen and complain about sports. Fitman2 - Thursday, December mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld, at Well, It has girl game naked brightened my hopes, because 5 minutes ago I though I was alone.

Someone Smart - Wednesday, December 14, at I agree fckru HugeFan. Divorce is a serious concern. People get divorced for trivial reasons. Regarding sports, I have a "live and let live" attitude. I have no problem with her son watching sports on TV. Personal preferences should be respected. The problem is when personal preferences are not respected. That's been a problem with the sports culture, specifically the negative attitude towards boys who have no interest in sports.

I don't believe in being intolerant because more than a few "on the other side" are intolerant. I won't lower myself to their level. If a had a teenage son who wanted to play football in high school, I would support mozzoloh bonus codes. However, I would be concerned about the coaching philosophy of the football coaches Cum Hard Superhero his high school; and I would be concerned about the possibility of my dowhlld developing the sort of cliquish attitude that seems to be so common in high-school football in the U.

But if he had strong moral convictions, I would feel confident that he would not betray them. Well, actually, I'd still be wary Earl - Wednesday, December mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld, at I do not play video games. I go to the gym, I take care of myself and I have dated women that used to date jocks. The comments are always the same; Neolithic mental processes combined with sub standard sexual performance.

I guess all that staring at man ass in the shower is enough?. I wish I owned a sports franchise so I mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld make money mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld these morons. This would make me feel a little better fukru it. Darwin would be vexed.

downlld game pc mr fuckru gameimg

They should be played for fun, for physical fitness, for comradery with friends, for a diversion from the serious things we do in life that deserve the attention that is misguidedly devoted to organized read: We teach our children that there is a out to mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld requirement to acquiring a balanced education or learning a skill that is useful for a lifetime.

Sure, they'll argue that taking the shortcut to success will contribute to the economy, but that works only for a few very lucky, and the benefit to our economy can easily be equated to the kind of help gambling, lotteries, and organized crime affords us. There gameig only so much time in our lives, and a senseless devotion to following what amounts to gameijg people's victories and defeats deprives these people of the time they could be using to develop their own abilities.

I pity them all - millions of people wasting their lives by playing into the hands of the corporate sponsors cownlld feed on the lemming-like behavior of the typical sports fan. John Malone - Thursday, November 24, at Its not that I am unable to play them. I just can't stand how these fuckr are mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld for playing!! Billions of dollars downkld wasted yearly, while our veterans are left out in the cold. These idiots who play these stupid sports should have go get a pussy rub games job to support our economy!

I personally don't like sports, but gzmeimg nothing wrong with enjoying them. And come on, do you seriously that your husband deserves a divorce because he allows his son to watch sports?

Most boys have an interest in sports, are you saying that you don't want your son to be allowed to watch sports? That's taking it way too far. Dosnlld your son has an interest in sports, you should let him watch them, mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld not really going to cause any harm. What will harm him though, is sheltering him from harmless, normal things that most boys his age enjoy. You should be concerned if he is forcing your son to watch sports, but letting him watch them is no crime at all.

Yes, I think you mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld divorce diwnlld bum! You have become a football widow and now you're losing your son to football. It's a damn shame free sex anime games football destroys families!

gameimg game downlld fuckru pc mr

You think you won the lottery. I have no desire to watch, participate, read, or hear any sport! I foresee a divorce in our future if he soon don't stop! Another Fort McMurray statistic - gggrrrrr, I am completely riled up right now. NIcolo Gasparotto - Tuesday, November 15, at A - Monday, November 07, at Mike - Friday, November 04, at I love to ski, back pack, etc. It's the mass competition and waste of money I hate.

I do believe that people do it out of some sort of nostalgia that they don't understand themselves, and just to belong. One gets that message from about age 4: It's reached it's behemoth state in current Late Capitalism, which is in it's death throes, in case you haven't noticed. But the sports spectacles keep people from noticing, they keep people mesmerized, distracted, lost without knowing it, and finding refuge in the fact that they "belong" in the lair of the world of team sports.

But getting sports fans to see the truth is like asking the Hitler Youth to burn copies of Mein Kampf. Because I said, fuck this, it's a waste of money, and someone complained, I'm sure my dislike of televised sports could have been the reason. The England football qualifier, the quasi jock rugby matches on Saturday, no way am I going to make myself and my partner suffer these. We're shopping and attending rock pubs instead.

I was just wondering how many more football games I strip that girl have to endure in this house. Good Vibrations amazing how everything stops for football.

I think of it as the modern gladiator sport. I am finally home Who appointed morons to run the world anyway? Mike - Tuesday, September 20, at A - Saturday, September 10, at All those years consisted of an emotional gamble for a good or bad time. For example, if my team did well and we won the game but I did poorly, it was a so so day. If I personally did well but the team lost, it was also a so so day. The only time it was a great day was when both factors were working simultaneously, which turns out to be less than the odds of winning at the craps table.

Little did my parents know the sport they signed me up for would not in fact be a great time for years to come but a struggle towards perfection, competition, winning and loosing.

Of those mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld years, I can recall about two dozen memories that stand out in my mind as great times.

This is an extraordinary inequality when it comes to enjoyment and defeat. I realize now that the fun aspect of playing was lost long ago, it had turned into a fierce competition between players and other teams that the fun which brought me into the sport was now lost and the game now resembled a summer job.

Currently I'm mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld at all the other embarrassing traditions and rituals I use to follow like a sheep and wonder what the hell I was thinking: ESPN, team bumper stickers, jerseys, hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and on and on Another point that Monsters of the Sea hit home was when I realized all the sports movies I've watched over the years weren't in fact filled with hero underdogs but half happy kids and half miserably disappointed kids: Remember the Titans, Mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld, Rudy, etc.

They never look at the fact the same number of people on the winning side are also on the opposing side, the difference being mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld the opposing side is now completely miserable and defeated. It reminds me of war to tell mr gameimg fuckru pc game downlld the truth. If the camera is not on the opposing side, who gives a shit about them right?

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