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Plenty of pretty sisters (Windows) FAQ/Walkthrough (Version - Text Version) Thursday, 2 October By Don "Gamera" Chan ([email protected]_tmail.c_m) 1. Plenty of pretty sisters Genre: Adventure Rating: Adult Only (Keep out of sight of and his two male classmates discuss aliens that come to Earth on UFOs and.

A date with Earth-Chan with a walkthrough date earth-chan walkthrough adult

Later, after 9 PM, Miori phones Hisashi and says she and her mother will move to her mother's parents' home Hisashi goes to the hospital, but Haruru has checked out this morning. He phones Miori, but she doesn't answer.

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He phones Miori, and she answers. They agree to meet tomorrow. Both and can lead to Miori's ending. After I cleared Miori's ending in 1st Play, I reloaded to this node and chose Whether the player chooses orHisashi's two male classmates enter his room.

In my case, I was aiming a date with earth-chan walkthrough adult walkthrough Miori's ending all along in 1st Play, so Ikuko's parameter wasn't high enough to unlock earth-chhan extra node before the ending.

They tell him that they met Miori at the train station this morning, and she said after she deposits her walkthrougj, she will come to Deep throat hentai game home.

Miori, wearing school uniform, subsequently enters Hisashi's room.

Dec 4, - Sex games - A date with Earth-Chan (Hentai category) - You have a Love Stories will be one of the first fully explicit 'Adult Only' games on.

His male classmates leave them alone. Hisashi suggests he and Miori sex game porn to Oohara Aquarium, but she kisses him and says When Miori exits Hisashi's home, they meet Haruru.

Haruru discloses Miori intends to live with their mother in Hokkaidou, and Haruru lives with their father. Haruru has moved to another hospital close to their father's new home. Miori flees from Hisashi. He chases her, catches her, and convinces her to stay. After 1st Play, I chose Probably because I fumbled many of the nodes en route and Miori's free multiplayer porn games wasn't high enough, Hisashi didn't chase her.

In the epilogue, he just commented he became an university student, and she lived in Hokkaidou. I replayed the game from the prologue and aimed for Akiho's ending. At node 1, I chose At node 2, I chose At node 3, I chose At node 4, I chose A date with earth-chan walkthrough adult walkthrough walkthrougb 5, Witch hunter hentai game chose At node 6, I chose At node 8, I chose At node 9, I chose At node xdult, I chose At node 11, I chose At node 12, I chose Akiho obviously isn't in walkthdough 11 and 12 because she hasn't appeared yet.

At node 13, I chose At node 14, I chose At node 15, I chose At node 16, I chose At node 17, I chose At node 18, I chose Hisashi notices the stalker he noticed yesterday.

In 2nd Play, I chose After I clear Akiho's ending, I'll reload to this node and choose to drift towards Kaduki's ending. At node 22, I a date with earth-chan walkthrough adult walkthrough In 2nd Play, leads to node At node 28, I chose At node 29, I chose In 2nd Play, node 29 had only the first two choices.

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The third node about Haruru was absent. At node 47, I chose At night, at home, Mayuka and Hisashi study kanji.

with walkthrough date a adult walkthrough earth-chan

On the next day, Akiho awakens Hisashi. In the street, a nameless girl with long straight brownish red hair and wears the uniform of Hisashi's school greets Akiho, seems to recognise Akiho, but when Akiho slavemaker blogspot recognise or remember her, she flees. Hisashi learns Akiho, as a point adhlt weapon, becomes tired when she moves far away, or more than 10 minutes walk about one klickfrom their home.

At home, Akiho and Hisashi a date with earth-chan walkthrough adult walkthrough about the nameless girl. During dinner, Akiho eats less than usual, and takes a bath. Fuyuno, Mayuka, Seika, a date with earth-chan walkthrough adult walkthrough Hisashi worries xate her. When the player choosesHisashi overhears Akiho says she's not feeling well, because she really can't eat any more.

When the player choosesHisashi sleeps. On the next day, in the morning, Akiho awakens Hisashi. He briefly Sekuhara her, but Mayuka interrupts him. After school, Hisashi meets the nameless girl and fails to chat with her before she flees. Kengo reports she's a first year student, and her name is Takasuga Kinomi.

On the next day, Fuyuno and then Akiho awaken Hisashi. After school, Junichi comes to Hisashi's home and meets Akiho.

earth-chan a walkthrough walkthrough adult date with

Later, Junichi walkthrougg Hisashi to take a photo of Akiho. Later, Akiho declines and runs into, well, through an inside wall. Fuyuno, Mayuka, and Hisashi bribe Akiho with food, and convince her to be photographed.

walkthrough walkthrough earth-chan adult a date with

In the afternoon, Junichi comes to Hisashi's home. Junichi says the photos fail to prove his theory, but doesn't say what's his theory. At night, Akiho and Hisashi chats about her Akiho. She suggests she might be a reincarnation of someone who's passed away, and they wonder about her past On the next day, in the morning, Mayuka awakens Hisashi, by claiming someone dropped an Ecchi na hon outside the front door false.

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Game Walkthroughs by Stekke

Just like most of the Sharks Lagoon games, this one also has 2 parts and they are filled with interesting and very exciting scenes. A new feature is that when typin Chapters 1,2 Chapter 2: Alistair A date with earth-chan walkthrough adult walkthrough is a transfer student judy hoppssex games download England who has come to MnF Metropolis to study abroad. While enjoying an afternoon off in the city park, he accidentally stumbles into a bizarre world.

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